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United States of America
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The Man, the Myth, The Legend "DW2000" David E. Wyatt has been running for
President of the United States
every day since 1980 when he was just 16.

40 Years of Campaigning
The World's Longest Campaign in History

"DW" has met and partied with millions of people, traveled the World twice, campaigned in all 50 states, written two books of poetry and produced a CD called the "Dying World". Now "DW" has his sights on the next Presidential election in 2020! With more thoughts and changes on his mind, "DW" is no ordinary politician. He is a straight forward, hardworking, tell it like it is guy, who can roll up his sleeve and let his free bird fly!

An American who is tired of our Government running our lives and sucking every penny they can out of us! You feel the burden every time you pay for gas, buy a product, or when new laws are passed to benefit the rich and destroy the poor. We can go on and on about all the ways they collect! Left Wing, Right Wing, Liberal, Conservative, Fascist - What the hell do all these mean anyway? Lets just get to the point, "DW" can and will! Tired of the bickering between the two major party systems, Democrats and Republicans. And no chance for any Independent person to run for President... Let alone win due to the Electoral College System. You are being lied to every day. A War with few answers and no signs of ending. We need to wake up!

Corporate America is right underneath their asses! Prices go up, quality goes down. They suck you in, to buy buy buy. Companies making billions of dollars and not giving back. Downsizing and cutting 401ks. We need to stop the greed before we bleed! Everyday prices are going up. Cable, phone, property taxes, electric, water, rent, gas, insurance, medical, food, interest rates... and these are just the basics! Our incomes stay the same, when will the bubble burst?

We are on the verge of a major catastrophe. What can we do? Where do we start? Maybe there isn't a person who has the real answers but we need to stop the clock and think about it for a minute. "DW" can take you to that next level. It may not be by winning but by putting thoughts into your minds. Break away from the norm and make a difference. Vote for David "DW" Wyatt ! Write-in candidate for President of the USA, 2020!
For Against
4 Day Work Week - 32 Hours
10% Flat Income Tax Rate
Right to Bear Arms
Pro Choice
100% Healthcare coverage
Space Exploration and Advancement
Assisted Suicides
Reform of the IRS
Prayer in Schools
Capital Punishment
Marijuana Legalization
Free Speech
The Strongest Military
Lawsuit Award Caps
Pardon Everyone Imprisoned for Marijuana Use
Lower Caps on Interest Rates
Being able to Discipline Your Children
National Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Free Licenses for Citizens over 60
Electoral College System
High Insurance premiums
Judicial Corruption
Government Control over us
Major "Party" control
(ie. Rep/Dem)
Warrantless Searches and Seizures
Confiscation and Forfeiture
of Money and Property
Giving away our Tax Dollars
to less fortunate countries
Welfare Abuse
Illegal Aliens
Drug Testing in the Workplace
Helmet Laws


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